QAV250 Carbon Fiber Frame SALE

  • €10,00

The QAV250 drone frame is a low weight Mini Sport FPV Quadcopter frame. It was designed to make use of standard sized electronic equipment commonly used in RC. This allows the quadcopter to compete with larger quadcopters, while being smaller and agile !

Special Discount for 2 or more frames!

This is the frame that started all the racing drone craze. If you want to build a cheap setup this is a good start. Or......if you want to really thinker this is the ideal frame for making a smaller 250 size octocopter!
Specifications Materials:  Carbon Fiber   
Fasteners: Stainless Steel & Red Metal 8/8   
220mm diagonally,
175mm wide,
130mm long
Maximum Propeller: 5"   
Flight Controller Mount: 30.5mm x 30.5mm
Board Camera Mount: 32mm x 32mm