Custom Built Racing Drones

With over 500 quality racing drones built ( mainly to our friends in the USA ) and 100% customer satisfaction you can rest assured you will be looked after.

Each drone is built by a pro with extreme attention to detail. All drones will have the latest firmware's installed on ESC's, flight controllers and radios before ship. They are Bespoke!

Check out the quality of our work. 

Why choose our custom built drone....

  1. You are not buying a drone that was designed over 6 months ago
  2. You get the latest components
  3. You get the latest firmware's
  4. Each drone is FULLY tuned and tested
  5. Each drone gets meticulous attention to detail
  6. You get proper backup service....try getting any response from banggood!
  7. You get to own something that is unique and Bespoke!

Generally we charge about €100 for a custom build. Send us a mail with your requirements and provide us with as much detail as possible. e.g

1. Do you want a racing, freestyle or long range setup.

2. What size frame do you want 5inch, 6 inch etc.

If you want to build yourself we can put a detailed list together with what you need.

Below is just a sample of some of the builds we have done. Please contact us for the latest prices and specs.


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