Diatone Mamba Flashbang 601W Power LED Board (4 Pcs)

  • €5,49

Diatone Mamba Flashbang SW601 Motor LED RaceWire

If you want a neat way to mount your motor wires to your quadcopter with some added ‘bling’ the Mamba SW601 power board serves both purposes.

When mounting the racewire to your carbon fiber frame please make sure that the PDB is insulated from the carbon fiber to avoid any possibly short circuits.


  • Name: SW601 Power LED Board 
  • Brand: Diatone
  • Led Voltage: MAX 25V (6S)
  • Led Voltage: MAX 25V (6S)
  • Size: 33×8×2.2MM
  • Weight: 0.9g/PCS


  • 4 x 601W Power LED Board