RSII 2306 Race Spec - Brushless Motor (4-6S)

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These are the latest RSII 2306 Race Spec motors from Emax. Bespoke rotors have been using Emax motors for over 5 years and with over 500 racing drones built we had ZERO failures. These are light and offer very fast response time and you will notice the throttle response straight away. We love them!


  • Framework: 12N14P
  • Length: 30.2mm
  • Diameter: 27.7mm
  • No. of cells: 3-4s 2400-2600kv range
  • No. of cells: 3-6s 1600-1900kv range
  • Propeller: 5" - 5.5"
  • Light Weight: 26.6g (W/O Silicone Wire)
  • Prop adapter: M5
  • Bearing Shaft: 4mm
  • Shaft Thread: CW and CCW


  • EZO bearing 
  • Titanium shaft
  • Dual anodizing
  • 16x16mm hole pattern
  • Single copper winding
  • 115mm 20 AWG silicone wire 

Package Includes

  • 5X M3X7 Screw
  • 5X M3X6 Screw
  • 1X Aluminum M5 nylock nut
  • 1X Washer and screw for shaft


Building off the success of their previous motors, they went ahead and combined the best parts of the Race Spec and Lite Spec series and created a new monster, the Race Spec II!

Bespoke Rotors are an official Emax provider.