Bundle Deals

Bespoke Rotors offers a complete package deal on factory built drones. Buy the drone and a radio to get a discount. Buy the drone/radio and goggles to get even more discount. We also offer a complete setup and fly service where we will flash the radio and drone with the latest firmwares and fully program it and fly it for you. We are "Bespoke Rotors" after all!

Learners no problem. We can set it up for you to be slow and it will self level. When you advance simply flick a switch to unleash more fun!

1.Stabilization ....it wont let you tilt past 35 degrees and will self level when you let go the sticks.

2. Horizon......same as one but now there is no limit on the tilt axis so you can flip roll etc and when you let go the sticks it will self level.

3. Acro mode....full on mode no self level.

We can also set it up to have 3 rates all on a switch. Rate one will be slow and easy. Flick the switch to second position and it will be more responsive. Easy!!