Whoop Frame Mobula7 Beta FPV

  • €4,50

Brushless Whoop Frame (Beta Mobula7 etc)

This is an ultra lightweight brushless whoop quadcopter frame.  Made using strong plastic that includes prop guards makes this an ideal frame to base your next tiny whoop build in.  It is also the official replacement part for the popular Beta 75x and is an can be used in the mobula7 brushless whoop quadcopter which is very weak compared to this.


  • Item name: Bwhoop75 75mm frame kit
  • Wheelbase: 75mm
  • Weight: 4.8g

Recommended parts (not included):

  • Propellers: 40mm 3blades or 4blades
  • Motors: 0603/0703 Brushless motor
  • Flight controller: Crazybee F3, Beecore BL, Beecore omnibus
  • Battery: 1S Lipo Lihv 450mah or 550mah