Aerial Photography

Not only do we build and fly our drones but we also have a passion for photography and videography. We have all the programs needed to edit photographs or videos including PhotoShop, Adobe Premiere, Lightroom, Sony Vegas Pro, Pinnacle Studio and more. Fully licensed and insured.

Actual pictures are much better than shown here. Our web page provider is not the best for demonstrating picture quality. 

High resolution photos......

Zoomed in......

Sell you property whether house or land quicker with professional aerial photographs. 

Construction work progress.

Parties and events catered for.

Need an aerial shot of your business? No problem.

Do you want to know what your house will look like after some renovations? Below is a same picture just photo shopped.  


If you are selling your property not only can we take aerial photos of you property to highlight your house and land but we can offer a full package to include beautiful photos of inside the house with architect plans. We have the cameras and studio lights to bring out the best in your property.