EMAX AVAN-S PROPELLER BULK-10 CW+10 CCW 5-Inch 2-Blade FPV Racing Propeller

  • €9,49

The Avan-S propeller is a dual blade designed for top speed with high rpm set ups.

We at bespoke rotors have tested this on one of our builds and got 115mph on 4s and 122 mph on 6s battery. More could easily be achieved!

The Avan-S has a design advance ratio of .75 with a 4.2 inch pitch at 75% of radius. The Avan-S has a weight of 4 g and a moment of inertia of 25 g/cm^2. The Avan-S uses airfoils capable of achieving higher lift coefficients at lower angles of attack to achieve more speed with less blade angle necessary. The Avan-S has a design point of 110 mph at 30000 rpm at 80 degree flight angle. This is close to a full throttle design with lighter aircraft being able to go faster.

Expect to push well past 100 mph just on 4s on high kv motors or crazy speeds on 6s!