Floss 2.1 Racing Drone frame 5mm arms

  • €27,99

This is the second version of the Floss racing drone frame that was designed to be extremely light with as little drag as possible but a lot stronger.

We decided to get the even stronger version in stock with 5mm arms. For the tiny bit of extra weight you get a hell of a lot more strength and less flex. If you are serious about racing this is the frame to go for and not for the faint hearted!
This frame with the light and powerful Emax RSII motors is a winner combo. 

3mm Bottom plate with integrated SMA antenna loop and dedicated FC stack holes, which means the FC is not part of the frame structure any more and changing the rear arms is a breeze. Upgraded beefier 5mm Arms
Bigger top plate allowing to top mount your battery with double battery strap slots.
20mm High quality textured stand offs allowing to fit micro or mini cameras. Full size will fit as well but micro and mini are highly recommended

1. Floss 215mm Frame
2. Material:Carbon Fiber 
3. Thickness of arm: 5MM 
4. TOP plate: 2mm; bottom plate: 3mm
5. Weight: 69g