HSKRC 218mm 5inch frame with 4.5mm arms

  • €26,99

HSKRC X218 218mm 218 5inch FPV Carbon fiber Quadcopter frame with 4.5mm arms.

This is a true X true racer with thin profile arms for less drag but 4.5mm thick so still very strong. With a strong body to protect your equipment this is a winner. 

Available in Blue or Red. 


Arm thickness: 4.5MM
Side panel: 1.0MM
Built frame weight: 84.5 grams 
Paddle: up to 5 inches
Camera installation space: 29MM
Flight control installation: standard 30.5mm x 30.5mm
Hardware: red / blue

Package including:

1x HSKRC 68# X218 218mm frame kit ( the color send as your choice)