Johnny 5 inch Drone Frame kit with 5mm arms

  • €34,99

Johnny 5 inch 220mm 5mm Arms Carbon Fiber true X Quadcopter Frame kit .


This frame oozes quality just look at the pictures. The 12.9 grade gold screws with the black carbon fiber really stands out. It may not have rounded edges but if you want that use a file for 5 minutes and save yourself $70! That's all it takes. 



1. Wheelbase: 220mm
2. Structure: X-type split
3. Weight: 100G
4. Thickness: 5mm arm, other accessories 2.0mm
5. Prop 5 inch 
6. Flight control hole distance: 30.5*30.5mm, 20*20mm
7. Camera installation width: 20mm
  (Recommended Foxeer Arrow mini PRO v3 upgrade)
8. Internal height: 35mm
9. Motor: Supports motors such as 2204/2205 2207/2306/2405/2307/2308/2506
10. Screw: Gold 12.9
Package Included:
1 x Johnny 5 inch 220mm Frame Kit